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Luxurious sustainable swimwear - Free shipping within EU/UK


Luxurious scrunchie, made from 100% ECONYL®, a high-quality regenerated polyamide yarn from Italy. This trendy scrunchie comes in many colors, so that you can match it with our swimwear and sarongs.

It is also possible to swim with this scrunchie, since it is made from the same fabric as our swimwear. 

Fabric features

*78% recycled polyamide and 22% elastane

*Ultrachlorine resistant

*Resistance sun cream and -oil


*Two-way stretch

*Pilling resistant


Luxe scrunchie

Nederlandse scrunchie

Dutch scrunchie

Swimwear scrunchie

Scrunchie waar je mee kan zwemmen

Econyl scrunchie

Sustainable accessories

Sustainable scrunchie

Pink scrunchie

Roze scrunchie

Orange scrunchie

Oranje scrunchie

Green scrunchie

Groene scrunchie

White scrunchie

Witte scrunchie

Ivory scrunchie

Ivoorkleurige scrunchie

Ivory scrunchie

Thick scrunchie

Dikke scrunchie

Kwaliteit scrunchie

Kwaliteit accessoires


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